Business Models

An overview of the most popular Wi-Fi Marketing business models and how to implement them step-by-step as a part of your business.

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You'll learn how to:



Advertising Network

Build your own Wi-Fi advertising network by giving away free devices and running advertisements from companies/brands/AdSense.

Advertising Network

Local Wi-Fi Advertising Network

A general overview of how any why you would want to set up your own Local Wi-Fi Advertising Network 



Wi-Fi As Real Estate


Understanding Advertising Networks


MyWiFi Advertising Network


Why Wi-Fi Advertising


Advertising Network

Main Assets to Monetize

There are 3 main assets to monetize with WiFi: Leads, Ads and Audience Pixels

Main Assets To Monetize


Generate Leads


Sell Advertising


Build An Audience

Done-For-You (DFY)

Set up and drop-in a Social Powered Wi-Fi Hotspot for our clients. Do everything. Charge more!

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Give access to your clients to login and manage their own campaigns/devices/stats (Agency Plans and up only)

Technical Services

Charge clients for software and "layering" Social Wi-Fi over existing hardware installs.


Leasing Hardware

Servicing Events

Offer Social Powered Wi-Fi at events and festivals. Integrate with existing cloud hardware or bring your own APs.



Build Your Own Network

For ISPs who want to offer their own Free Wi-Fi service (either social or paid) over a specific geogaphic area.


How To Set Up Retargeting On The MyWiFi Platform


How To Set Up Facebook Retargeting


Retargeting Campaign Ideas



Upsell Services

Use Social Wi-Fi as a door opener and bundled package that helps sell your other services.

Wi-Fi Upsells Generate A Positive ROI