Sales Plans

A complete overview of how to sell Social Powered Wi-Fi Solutions

Example Pricing Structure

Wi-Fi Marketing - Example Pricing Structure Please note that the pricing examples below are sugg...

Site Survey Checklist

In order to provide the best solution for your customers it’s important to answer a few questions...

Lead Generation

Selling Social Wi-Fi

Target Markets

Targeting Businesses With Wi-Fi

Targeting Businesses Without Wi-Fi

These types of business owners require education on the importance of offering Free Wi-Fi and are...

Wi-Fi for Social Media Consultants

How Social Media Consultants can sell the benefits of Social Wi-Fi to their clients.

Targeting Restaurants

Why restaurants need Social Powered Wi-Fi and how to sell it to them.

Targeting Hospitality

The hospitality industry includes hotels and motels and the availability of Free Wi-Fi is the mos...

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