Targeting Businesses Without Wi-Fi

These types of business owners require education on the importance of offering Free Wi-Fi and are a tougher customer to see your services to.


Targeting Business That Do NOT currently offer Free Wi-Fi

These types of business owners require education on the importance of offering Free Wi-Fi and are a tougher customer to see your services to.

For these types of business owners, it’s important to understand the benefits and features of Social Powered Wi-Fi solutions as it relates to their business.


Identifying Common Pain-Points

Local business owners face the following dilemmas:

In order to identify your customer’s pain points, ask them the following questions:

  1. Can you tell me about your current marketing strategy, the areas in which you feel you have been successful and those you feel need improving?
  2. You said X was a problem, why is that?
  3. What were the consequences of the issue?
  4. How do you currently communicate rewards/offers/specials with your customer?
  5. If we were to implement Social Powered Wi-Fi for your business, what type of outcomes are you expecting?

Once you’ve identified their main pain points, it’s important to deliver a solution to their pain.

Providing a Solution

Delivering a solution means showing the business owner how your product/services can help eliminate their pain-points.

The most important factor for local business is engaging with their consumers in order to encourage repeat business to boosts revenue and sales.

Customer Acquisition

By providing free Wi-Fi services,  you are giving consumers a reason to choose between businesses offering the same services and an increase in new customers will be noted.

Increasing Revenue From Existing Customers

Customers will spend more time at the business

When customers stay longer, they spend more $$$

Encouraging repeat business

Using Facebook retargeting or automated follow-up campaigns, a business can inform customers about upcoming promotions, sales or discounts to entice them to visit more frequently.

Boosting revenue

Once a customer has logged into the businesses Social Powered Wi-Fi, consumer details are captured and can be used for retargeting.

Standing out from the competition



Considering that the availability of free Wi-Fi has moved from a nice-to-have to a consumer expectation, offering Free Wi-Fi will help differentiate your clients’ business from a competitor.

Improving social awareness and reputation

With Social Powered Wi-Fi, customers log into the Free Wi-Fi using their favorite social media channel, and can be automatically redirected to the business’s Facebook Page to leave a comment or ‘Like’ the page.

Campaigns can also be setup to redirect the user to a review site such as Yelp or Trip Advisor.



Handling common objections

Objection # 1 - Free Wi-FI is going to attract squatters.

Use this opportunity to convert squatters into customers!

Squatters who are looking to use your Free Wi-Fi service need to log in using the Social Media account of their choice, and instantly you’ve captured their details for later remarketing efforts.

You can also set session time limits so they won’t be able to use your services beyond a certain time period.

Objection # 2 - By offering a Free Wi-Fi, I leave my network vulnerable.

By adding a social login layer, you will limit the amount of users who connect to unprotected networks. No more handing out or posting your networks passwords.

Objection #3 - What if I have customers that don’t use social media?

That's okay. Social Powered Wi-Fi gives you the ability to offer login via email address where you can request identifying information in addition to just an email address.

There is also the option to allow users to login via SMS (Powered by Twilio), where they can be sent a unique PIN code to log into your WiFi.

Objection #4 - It’s too expensive

You already pay for an internet connection at your location to run your business operations. Social Powered Wi-Fi  is an add on to your existing connection and provides a measurable return on your investment.

Let me assure you that when you see an increase in revenue and a growth in your customer base, you’ll be happy you chose a Social Powered Wi-Fi solution for engaging and remarketing to your customers.