Wi-Fi for Social Media Consultants

How Social Media Consultants can sell the benefits of Social Wi-Fi to their clients.



The use use of social media has moved beyond simply staying up to date with friends and family and has now become an integral part to every business's online marketing strategy.

Social media is now used to market products, promote brands and businesses, connect to current customers and foster new business relationships.

But who manages a businesses online social media presence?

Often time the business employs a social media consultant or strategies as the eyes, ears and voice of the business online.

Your clients MUST understand how important their social media presence is - and how YOU can help!


Why Social Media is important

Every business NEEDS a social media presence to stay connected and engaged with their consumers.

But beyond that, a social media presence can help increase conversions and boost sales.

What a good Social Media strategy can do for a business

Raise Brand Recognition / Awareness

Improve Brand Loyalty

Boost Revenue (Conversions)

Social media marketing results in higher conversion rates because:

Drive Targeted Traffic to Website

Decrease Marketing Costs

Think about it, 6 hours per week to generate an increase in traffic is great ROI!

Or... just plug in a Social Powered Wi-Fi Hotspot and automate it all!





Biggest challenges facing Social Media Consultants

Marketing is challenging

Being a SMC or SMS is more about marketing than it is about social media and marketing is challenging.

You need to have a good grasp on marketing, but also understand how to best leverage the features of the various social media platform based on your client’s objectives and target audience.

Getting clients to trust you

Any good business relationship is built on trust and getting clients to trust you to handle their online presence can be difficult.

The quickest way to build trust is by delivering results. - Either by showing them successful campaigns you’ve previously built of by showing you’ve built your own strong social media presence.

Differentiating yourself from other SMC (SMS)

What makes YOU different from other social media consultants or strategists?

In order to acquire clients, you need to be able to offer something that others don't - A unique value or a strategy differentiator to stand out from the competition.

Picking the right tools for the job

It’s not only important to understand the various platforms, but how to utilize each one to ensure you meet your clients objectives. With so many social media platforms, how can you be sure you’re using the right tool to reach your client’s objectives?

Providing measurable ROI

Business owners WANT to see results. Otherwise, what are they paying for? Providing statistical evidence for effectiveness of campaigns can be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the in depth functionality of  each social media channel.



Overcoming Challenges with Social Wi-Fi

Why choose Social Powered Wi-Fi

How a SMC can apply the technology to their business.