Closing Your First Sale

So your first customer has said "YES!" to implementing a Social Powered Wi-Fi Solution.


This section is short and sweet and teaches you how to prepare and send your prosposal to the client

Closing Your First Sale

Prepare Your Proposal - Based on what was discussed in the meeting, prepare your proposal outlining the details of the services you will provide to your client. Edit and customize your Social Powered Wi-Fi Professional Proposal

  • Open your  Social Powered Wi-Fi Professional Proposal
  • Click on the  Social Powered Wi-Fi Professional Proposal to open and edit
  • Save proposal


  • Print out a copy of your Edited  Social Powered Wi-Fi Professional Proposal
  • Contact prospect via email or phone to set up a time to meet to discuss the proposal
  • Drop of proposal to prospect
  • Discuss the proposal in detail
  • Have prospect sign proposal

Via Email

  • Send email to prospect
  • Attach copy of proposal for review

TIP: If sending by email, consider using the following software for getting your proposal signed electronically. Resource: After closing your deal and getting the prospect to sign on the dotted line, it’s time to develop the business owners campaign.