How to Pitch a Hotel

Here’s how to pitch a hotel:

Hotels are highly dependent on travel review sites to attract new and returning customers and a good reputation on these sites is invaluable for your business.

With Social Powered Wi-Fi, you can build your global reach by increasing the number of positive reviews on travel sites. When a guest connects to your Free WiFi, they’ll be redirected to the travel review site of your choice prompting them to leave feedback.

After all, 94% of global travellers say their booking decisions are influenced by online reviews.

Social Powered Wi-Fi enables businesses to collect user data from all services that they use to connect. This is perfect for future promotional campaigns and connecting with your customers.

The increase in Social Media followers and email contacts that a Social Powered Wi-Fi affords brings in more opportunities to effectively engage with your customers.

The opportunities are endless when you choose a Social Powered WiFi Solution today!