Targeting Business That Currently Offer Free Wi-Fi

These types of business owners already understand the importance of providing free Wi-Fi to their customers.

All you have to do is sell the value of the solution, not the idea!


  • Identifying common pain points
    • Not enough customers
    • Unaware of client’s needs
    • Don’t know how to connect with their customers
    • Reputation
  • Questions to ask the local business owner
    • What do you find most effective/ineffective about current free wi-fi offering?
    • Are customers currently engaged with your business on social media?
    • Do customers often return in-store?
    • How are you currently promoting your business via Social Media?
    • How do you currently communicate rewards/offers/specials with your customer?
  • Providing a solution
    • Lead Gen - Promoting the business
    • Increase foot traffic
    • Unaware of client’s needs
    • Boost social engagement
    • Don’t know how to connect with their consumers
  • Handling common objections
    • Happy with current offering
    • Not interested
    • Already know how to connect with consumers
    • Cost