When starting out, consider targeting the following industries first:

  • Restaurant
  • Hospitality

Other industries such as Schools, Casinos, and Airports are bigger plays and often take longer to close the deal.

That’s why we recommend starting with restaurants and hospitality.

Here’s what we know:

  • 62% of local business customers spend more time in store if Wi-Fi is available (Source: iGR)
  • Businesses who offer free Wi-Fi to boost sales numbers have a success rate of 72% (Source: iGR)
  • 64% of consumers make a restaurant choice based on availability of Wi-Fi services (Source: Accenture)

That’s your ammo!

For restaurant owners, the most important is Reputation Management.

Check out our e-Book here on the 10 ways WiFi Can Improve Business Reputation

Pitching A Restaurant

Today’s consumers are mobile focused and even make decisions on where to eat based on the availability of Free WiFi. Stop giving away Free WiFi and start seeing a positive return on your investment.

When you use our Social Powered WiFi solution, you’ll be able to allow your customers to connect with Facebook, Twitter, Google, or LinkedIn in exchange for Free Wi-Fi access.

By providing your customers with a reliable free Wi-Fi service in exchange for logging in with Social Media, you’ll increase your social media presence and engagement effectively boosting your reputation.

This can be done by having the customer redirected to the Social Media page of your choice after logging in to your Free WiFi, and encouraging them to ‘like’ your business or ‘share’ about their visit.

After all, 78% of small businesses attract new customers through Social Media. Getting consumers to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ your business on social media will empower your customers to connect with you on a daily basis. The more ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ a business gets, the more interest you can generate from future customers. Or, you can have them redirected to a review page of your choice, either Yelp or a Facebook business page that asks them to leave a positive rating if they enjoyed their experience.

Want to further entice your customers to leave a positive review? Consider setting up a contest to promote engagement.

“Log in to our free WiFi and leave us a review for a chance to win dinner for 2.”

And with the availability of Free WiFi, customers will spend more time in-store. This means a boost in average spend per table and an increase in revenue for you, the business owner.

The opportunities are endless when you choose a Social Powered WiFi Solution today!

Take Note!

You’ll need to ask the business owner some questions to determine what type of campaign best suits their needs.

Are they looking to increase reputation? Enhanced communication with their customers? Re-target to consumers?

Get creative. Work with the business owner to identify their specific needs and develop a customized campaign for their business.


Targeting Restaurants In A Food Court

In this section, we will specifically discuss targeting restaurants in a mall food court. This a great idea and can be extremely successful if implemented effectively.

WiFi in these establishments are often managed by mall management.

The bigger deal here is not necessarily the individual restaurants, but the mall itself taking into consideration that a food court is an open area for everyone.

Implementing a WiFi solution in the food court will allow:

  • Acquisition of data on all shoppers using WiFi managed by you, the restaurants and other willing shops
  • In this type of environment, it’s difficult to create Social Powered WiFi hotspots for individual restaurant locations as the mall provides its own
  • Consider managing the mall WiFi and convince the restaurant to advertise on it to attract customers to their specific loyalty program (integrate with MobiPunch)