Types of Campaigns for Hospitality

With the MyWIFi platform, there are many types of campaigns you can create for targeting hospitality

When deciding on the type of campaign, you’ll need to ask the business owner some questions to determine what type of campaign best suits their needs.

Are they looking to increase reputation? Communicate with their customers? Re-target to consumers?

Get creative. Work with the business owner to identify their specific needs and develop a customized campaign for their business.

Here are some types of Social Powered Wi-Fi campaigns and how to implement them using the MyWIFi Platform.

  • Reputation Management Campaign
    • Direct to trip advisor
  • Social Awareness
    • FB login with redirect to business page
  • Customer Feedback and Engagement
    • Redirect URl to survey - Complete to win!
  • Facebook Ad Retargeting
    • Retarget users who’ve stayed at the location with promotions and follow-ups